Advanced Course in Clinical Endodontics – Retreatments with operating microscope

Advanced Course in Clinical Endodontics – Retreatments with operating microscope

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Detailed program of the lecture and hands-on to learn how to perform non-surgical retreatments using the operating microscope

November, 27th-28th, 2017

Lecturer Dr. Arnaldo Castellucci

Course venue: Via Degli Artisti, 6r Firenze


Treating a case requiring retreatment, it may not be clear whether it is better to seal the apex surgically with a retrograde filling or to remove the old obturating material from the root canals and repeat the cleaning, shaping, and three-dimensional obturation with a nonsurgical approach.

There is agreement in the literature that nonsurgical retreatment should be attempted initially and surgery should be used only when these traditional attempts have failed.

In recent years in Endodontics there has been a true explosion of new technologies,  new instruments and new materials, which made predictable many procedures that before were considered impossible or just made by chance. The most important revolution has been the intoduction of the surgical operating microscope.

With the use of the operating microscope every challenge existing in the straight portion of the root canal system, even if located in the most apical part, can be easily seen and then solved under the microscope, with magnification and coaxial illumination.

At the conclusion of this two-day course, the participants will be able to:

  • make a correct treatment plan and decide when the non-surgical retreatment is best indicated
  • understand the causes of the previous failed endodontic therapy and how to best achieve a predictable result
  • become familiar with the use of the operating microscope and adopt the most comfortable working position
  • understand how to solve the most common challenges the we meet during retreatments: removal of crowns, removal of any kind of posts, removal of calcifications, removal of broken instruments, removal of previous obrurating materials etc.

Day 1: Lecture  09.00 – 13.00 / 14.30 – 18.00

  • The correct “retreatment” plan in Endodontics
    • Extraction and implant?
    • Non-surgical retreatment?
    • Surgical retreatment?
  • Anatomy of the operating microscope
  • Working positions
  • Ergonomics at the microscope
  • Videos of clinical cases showing several kind of retreatments performed with the microscope:
    • removal of crown and bridge
    • removal of cast posts, screw posts, carbon and glass fiber posts
    • removal of amalgam pins
    • removal of previous obturating materials: paste, sealer, gutta-percha, Thermafil, Silver points
    • repair of iatrogenic mishaps:
      • removal of broken instruments
      • repair of perforations
      • bypassing ledges
      • finding missed canals

Day 2: Hands-on  09.00 – 13.00 / 14.30 – 18.00

  • Removal of crown and bridge using the Metalift
  • Removal of cast and screw posts with the Ruddle Post Removal System
  • Removal of glass and carbon fiber posts with ultrasonic tips
  • Removal of previous obturating materials with solvents and ultrasonic tips
  • Removal of broken instruments with ultrasonic tips, Cancellier kit, with I.R.S. kit
  • Repair of perforations with MTA
  • Bypassing ledges and blockages

Each participant will be provided with the following materials and instruments:

  • Operating microscope
  • Ultrasonic unit
  • Ruddle post removal system
  • Wam key
  • Metalift crown removal system
  • Cancellier kit
  • Start X ultrasonic tips

The course is limited to ten participants