One of the effective strength activity of the dental practice Castellucci is use of advanced technology instrument for clinical activity and for learning. Here we want to evidence this advanced instrument that are the spearhead of our work.


A good access cavity preparation and identification of root canal orifices are key to the success of endodontic treatment.
For these applications, we recommend the use of ultrasonic inserts characterized by:

  1. A high precision work
  2. Unparalleled visibility of the operative field.

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DENTSPLY Maillefer has developed, along with doctors Berutti, Cantatore and Castellucci,
a range of ultrasonic tips based on a simple concept: A tip – a clinical indication
Each tip is designed for a specific indication and has the following features:
• Minimize the risk of potential loss of the diamond in the patient’s mouth.
• Cools the insert and prevent overheating of the treated tooth.
This is important especially in case of removal of metal pins that usually require a high power.
• The use of intermittent irrigation allows the dentist to alternate work with the dry precision removal of debris.

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PathFile, the new rotary NiTi instruments, open up a new era in the instrumentation of root canals, enabling the glide path to be created easily and safely including by the less expert general dentist. 
PR_1 fig_2 PathFileThey are also a valid help to the expert endodontist who, by using PathFile, can transform a complex canal anatomy into an easily treated canal (Fig. 25-27).


Il PROGLIDER è il nuovo strumento rotante in Nichel Titanio che da solo è in grado di realizzare il  Glide Path, l’Allargamento Preliminare e il PreFlaring in maniera semplice, efficacie e sicura.

Consente l’assoluto mantenimento dell’anatomia originale evitando tutti i rischi legati all’utilizzo in questa fase degli strumenti manuali in acciaio.proglider

E’ disponibile in blister pre sterilizzati nelle misure di 21, 25 e 31 mm.

Maggiori informazioni sul sito Simit Dental srl o leggete l’articolo del Journal of Endodontics


For many years both clinical and surgical endodontic treatments have been performed without the use of any magnification device, using only the conventional dental lights. No surprise, therefore, if until recently the percentage of long term success was considerably lower compared to what we can achieve today.

On the other hand, the operating microscope allows to work with magnifications, ranging from 2.5 x to about 20 x, with a constantly coaxial illumination.microscopio operatorio

In conclusion, the advantages of the use of the operating microscope in clinical and surgical endodontics are many, like:

  • better visualization of the operating field
  • better visualization of the technique
  • more accuracy during every single step of the procedure
  • more predictability of long term success


Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) has been introduced in late 1990s as an innovative diagnostic imaging system designed specifically to produce volumetric scans of the maxillofacial skeleton at a considerably lower radiation dose and cost than medical CT.conebeam

Sometimes, inflammatory lesions not visible in the classic bidimensional intra-oral radiograph appear with their evidence in the three-dimensional images.

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