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I met Dr. Arnaldo Castellucci in 1986.
Being from Empoli, for convenience and because of his good reputation, I had chosen Dr. Giulio Scapecchi, a dentist who had a practice in my town, for a check-up, so that we could try and solve my dental problems.
It was Dr. Scapecchi himself who, given the general condition of my teeth, realized that I would need to see a specialist in endodontics. In those days I believe Dr. Arnaldo Castellucci was one of the few specialists in the whole of Italy, if not the only one.
Dr. Scapecchi accompanied me personally to him and together with Dr. Castellucci I began an “adventure” that has never ended.
My problems were solved after various operations and since then, as if there was a sort of “lifelong guarantee”, year after year, Dr. Castellucci has regularly performed check-ups and so on.
Almost thirty years on, I haven’t had anymore problems and if asked, I don’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Castellucci, assured that I’m putting people in good hands.
Today, in 2015, things have changed, many more specialists, or supposed specialists, that operate in Dr. Castellucci’s field of interest, are available. We can find them in many cities, big and small.
One thing is for sure, there’s only one Dr. Castellucci and no one will ever be able to match him, not only for his professionalism, but also for being humane. He is able to understand his patients profoundly, to infuse faith in them and to put them at ease, creating a relationship that is almost one of familiarity.
In conclusion, I’d like to say that Dr. Castellucci has the rare innate gifts of humility and simplicity, that are almost never found at high levels.
Thank goodness for Dr. Castellucci.
Patrizia Socci – Empoli

In 1999, following an accident, I fractured my upper central incisors and suffered the  esulting necrosis of the nerves. The dentist who’s care I was in at the time, would have extracted them and substituted them with a bridge.
Thanks to a friend, I met Dr. Castellucci, who readily intervened and saved my teeth, and to this day they are still in excellent health. Since then I have been his patient and I have a lot of respect and complete faith in him. As I tell him during check-ups, he is my Saviour, because he solved a critical situation, that could have compromised my smile forever, in the best possible way.
For this reason I am grateful to Dr. Castellucci and my friend who recommended him to me.
Cristina Serresi – Empoli

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