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Dear Arnaldo
First of all thank you very much for an excellent course in Micro-surgical Endodontics last week. I really enjoyed participating. Even though I consider myself an experienced clinician in the field of surgical endodontics I learned a lot of helpful tricks. I have been used to an endoscope during surgery, but after your course I am confident in trying to start using the microscope instead.
I really enjoyed our discussions and would like to thank you for the time you took to answer all of our questions – as well as your willingness to show us extra features whenever somebody came up with something. The course really benefitted from being held in your clinic as we were able to see, feel, touch etc. materials and instruments.
The course covered the whole procedure of Micro-surgical Endodontics from planning to the removal of sutures and follow-up. You really do what you teach, and teach what you do. As you said “there are no secrets – only answers and solutions”.
Once again, thank you very much for a very inspiring course.
Hope to see you again
Best regards
Casper Kruse – Denmark

Dear Dottorre Castellucci
I want to thank you about the lecture you give us during 2 days on micro surgery.
I take a lot of pleasure on watching your presentation, you have many wonderfull clinical cases, you explain how doing step by step and why.
You give us all your protocoles without hiding anything,
I strongly encourage all Practioners who want to increase their skills in micro endodontic surgery to register.
Florence is the town of Artists, you belong to them.
With my kings regards
Doctor Guex David, Lione – France

Hello, dear Arnaldo!
Thank you so much for accepting our invitation and joining our congress. Everybody is happy with the congress, and you did a very big part for this event. We received so many feedbacks about exactly your lecture. They all say that they had never seen such a professional material.
I also have been dedicating myself for events for a long time, and I can say that I really don’t remember such a bright lecture, interesting, full of spectacular clinical cases and humor at the same time. You are a very big professional.
Dear Arnaldo, it was such a big pleasure to see you in Moscow.
Thanks again for accepting our invitation. I hope so much we’ll see you in Moscow at ENDOPOINT congress in the next year!
Sincerely yours,
Andrey Boldov, Project Manager Endopoint, Moskow

Thank you for your fantastic course on Micro-Surgical Endodontics. I enjoyed your amazing cases, your videos, and presentations. I have done a lot of endo surgery courses but no one so good like this. You taught me the philosophy, the technique, and all the little details for doing Micro-Surgical Endodontics safely and predictably. I have come back to my office full of information for improving my treatments. Thank you and best regards.
Antonio Montero, Spain

The 2-day-course on surgical endodontics was excellent. The knowledge that I gained was extremely useful in my daily work. Me as an oral surgeon who already turned from a surgical approach to the periapical area to more endodontic approach surgery found the course very beneficial. I was especially impressed with the huge and long lasting experience of Dr. Castellucci which persuaded me to follow his way of decision making and procedures. The hands-on on a manikin under a microscope “opened my eyes” wide and under surveillance of Arnaldo I could understand how it would be possible to achieve the “little wonders“ on couple of milimeters like he does.
Dr. Jiří Krug, Ph.D. Praga, Czech Republic

Dott. Castellucci (Arnaldo) is an extraordinary person. His professional abilities are unquestionable, but there is more: he is first and foremost a wonderful person, a great teacher and a big hearted man. A mentor who is positively stimulating and who is available even after the course is finished.
How many people will say that and then actually live up to it ? NONE !!!
To embark on one of his courses means to apply oneself fully and from the very first meeting you’ll be learning and becoming an endodontist whose  skill is superior to everyone else.
My experience was very gratifying: one year after graduation, without having ever done any endo. Once I started the course all my endodontic treatments were perfect. The explanation ? The method: knowledge from ALL the international literature, clinical case presentations and their discussion and a lot, really a lot, of PRACTICAL WORK ! There is no valid reason to not recommend anyone to write themselves up to the course, on the other hand the reasons for writing oneself up are infinite !
Dott.ssa Stefania ZUCCARINI – Dentist O.M.C.E.O. Varese

I believe that – after almost thirty years – the most incredible thing about the months I spent with Arnaldo, is how fresh the memories still are.
It’s as if the course had finished just yesterday. And I believe this is thanks to what I gained from his lessons.
Because he didn’t just teach me how to “devitalize” a tooth. I am especially grateful to Arnaldo…obviously…for everything he taught me…and for what he continues to teach me…but above all for having passed on to me the enthusiasm and the determination that to this day, even though many years have passed since I participated in his course, have remained absolutely unchanged.
He showed me to have passion in what we do on a daily basis and to never leave anything to chance. Ever. Because it’s how you grow professionally.
27 years. A moment. A professional life. A great friendship. That’s what his course gave me.
Davide Pansecchi – S.Alberto (Ravenna) – 1986

Dear Arnaldo I will always be grateful for all your precious teaching. Your annual course was a fundamental moment for my preparation and professional growth. During the lessons not only did your deep knowledge in endodontics and your incredible teaching ability pass on to me the foundations of endodontics, but I also learnt the concepts and the techniques that allow me to take on the more complex cases.
You’re an unlimited source that’s always able to give an answer to the many questions and to clear any doubts.
Dr.ssa Maria Giovanna Barboni – Bologna

Not only did attending your Weekly Course as a newly graduated doctor and attending your 2009 course on Retreatments give me professional credibility where I work, but above all it gave me the possibilty to start practicing this discipline in an efficient and profitable manner.
Considering the amount of time passed, I can gladly say that the initial investment has been quickly recouped and that the financial return from my endodontic treatments has contributed to finance a large portion of my postgraduate education.
I often remember my florentine week when I’m leafing through your books, with your dedications.
Dr. Luca Pusinanti – Ferrara

I bless the day I met Dott.Castellucci. His course broadened my horizons and allowed me, in a short period of time, to develop a rational, methodical and clinical approach to what, I believe, is the most elegant field of dentistry. I would advise everyone (nobody excluded) to open their eyes and to not cause any damage in other people’s mouths. Only Dr. Castellucci can teach you how to do that ! Everything else is a waste of precious money and time !
Dr.ssa Claudia Tiberi

I highly recommend the annual course in Clinical and Surgical Micro-Endodontics to all the colleagues who, like me, on a daily basis, have to deal with the complexity of the approach to endodontics.
It was very stimulating to experience for an entire year Dr. Arnaldo Castellucci’s teaching and his extraordinary competence.
I look upon this experience as a turning point in my working career, both for what concerns the quality of my clinical performance and for what concerns the motivation that pushes me towards the pursuit of excellence.
Thank you for having truly introduced me to micro-endodontics, thank you for passing on to me the passion for this fascinating discipline, thank you Arnaldo.
Dr. Guido Maggiacomo

I attended Arnaldo Castellucci’s Weekly Course in Clinical Endodontics in 2001. Ten years later I am still regularly putting his precious teaching into practice, keeping up an excellent level of endodontics. Arnaldo is a meticulous and brilliant teacher, and he has managed to pass his love for endodontics on to me, a love that I share and that I try to put into practice day by day.
Dr. Stefano Leonardi Zielinski – Roma

You can have the good fortune of taking part in one of Arnaldo’s courses when you are newly graduated and fresh out of university….. you will learn to be precise and scrupulous, organized and seriously dedicated in worshipping microns… will leave a mark on your professional life like few other courses are able to and you will forever be grateful.
Or you can have the good fortune of taking part in one of Arnaldo’s courses when your professional life is already under way, in which case you will have to work a bit harder to get into the groove.. because Arnaldo’s way (which is the correct endodontic way) isn’t innate and it isn’t easy to correct mistakes and bad habits…
Attending Arnaldo’s course is dangerous…it changes your routine, how you organize your practice, how you think and how you approach your working method….In other words, you’ll find that nothing is as it was before…
But working this way is certainly more serene and gratifying…After Arnaldo’s course…even my assistant likes assisting me during an endodontic therapy.
Arnaldo’s Annual Course was the first serious course I attended…and perhaps it’s because you never forget your first love… but the feeling that Arnaldo creates at his courses is unique…and Endodontics can only be a pleasure after a course like Arnaldo’s…
A degree in medicine, a degree in dentistry and a series of annual and biennial courses….after a while you come to understand who actually has the gift of teaching….and Arnaldo has it….I challenge anyone to contradict me.
Dr. Carlo Paglieri – Torino

The Annual Course with Dr. Castellucci was fundamental for my daily clinical practice: it gave me the theoretic foundation that allows me to solve diagnostic quandaries and to choose the best therapy, and it also gave me an infinite amount of practical suggestions that have proven to be essential when looking for a solution to the various clinical difficulties that I have encountered during endodontic practice.
Dr.ssa Angela Fuggetta

At Arnaldo’s course you breathe the enthusiasm for Successful Endodontics. And it’s contagious !
Arnaldo gives you the means to overcome what, before the course, you thought were difficulties and the way he does it is undoubtedly successful.
When I go to his courses it’s usually because I have lost some of the enthusiasm necessary to do a good job and I need Arnaldo to remind me how to do it.
And the strange thing is that I then go home and get better results than before !
Arnaldo’s course was the best I ever went to.
The course will finally give you a solid foundation for successful endodontics.
Arnaldo is able to describe the minute particulars (and the tricks) of all the techniques gifting, among other things, his precious, funny and careful “play on words” that always seem to be useful.
Furthermore, and luckily, his course doesn’t ever really end: you become a member of the Warm Gutta-Percha Study Club, source of continuous updates.
“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
Dr.ssa Carmen Giunta – Milano

Before doing Dr. Castellucci’s course, every molar used to be stressful ! Today 80% of my work consists of Endodontics and it’s predominantly on molars, I don’t find it stressful anymore, on the contrary it’s almost like a hobby. Doing the course you’ll understand what the REAL goals are in Endodontics and the means that are actually USEFUL to achieve them, so that the application of a rigorous but simple and repeatable method will always give you predictable results.
Dr. Fabrizio Cardosi

The Dr.’s course was one of the best that I have had the opportunity to attend. It changed the way I view Endodontics, which I now like and find gratifying, whereas before I used to find it boring.
Everybody should attend a course with him: it will be pleasant, not only for what you’ll learn, but also thanks to the Dr’s availability and skill.
Dr.ssa Rada Innamorato

Dr. Castellucci has a really exceptional didactic talent, something that’s not very common in the dental field, in addition to having a profound and undeniable preparation and being prudently updated.
There’s something I’ll always be grateful for to Arnaldo : for having managed to instil in me the passion and enthusiasm for Endodontics, thanks to which, I am always very happy to start a new root canal therapy, always trying to better myself.
Dr.ssa Maria Teresa Sberna

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